Is Trivago Cleaning Up?

Image from: Rolling Stone Trivago is one of the newer players in the US online travel space and has used TV ads featuring actor Tim Williams. Unlike most spokespeople, he had a somewhat tousled look perhaps designed to appeal to the everyman (or woman). That look caused mixed reactions among consumers and drove coverage in… Read More »

Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015?

Let’s cut to the chase: Of course SEO is still worth it. If you have been having trouble determining what to spend, here are some calculations to help you develop a budget. Share this:

Fun mosaic effect with Go

A few months ago I saw a cool mosaic effect in a Wired ad for CA Technologies. Here’s what part of the ad looked like: I liked the ad, so I wondered how they did it. Can you see out how to create a similar effect? Take a minute to figure it out as an… Read More »