Environmental “Green” Websites in the Red?

Image from: Environmental / Shutterstock We hear the term “Going Green” constantly these days. Be it from a personal or business perspective, more people and companies are striving to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” as environmental changes and impacts from increased industrialization are becoming more evident. With green initiatives becoming increasingly important, I thought it would… Read More »

Google Analytics for SEO – Basic Cohort Analysis

The Google Analytics Cohort Analysis can be extremely useful in helping SEOs prove the value of new customer acquisition via organic search, show how they engaged with the site, and surface when they ended up converting over time. Share this:

Yahoo’s Search Share on the Decline

After partnering with Mozilla in December, Yahoo saw its best share of the search market in years. But by February, that number was starting to fall, according to comScore research. Share this:

Search Share: Shoes & Accessories

Image from: Shoes / Shutterstock In case you missed our last blog, the Compete PRO Search Share Add-On is up and running! This add-on allows you to quickly assess the share of paid vs. natural clicks and to see which brands benefit the most from each, for any list of up to 40,000 keywords. We… Read More »

Google Mobile Search Result Highlights

Google recently added highlights at the bottom of various sections of their mobile search results. The highlights appear on ads, organic results, and other various vertical search insertion types. The colors vary arbitrarily by section and are patterned off the colors in the Google logo. Historically such borders have conveyed a meaning, like separating advertisements… Read More »