The Weekly Compete Pulse

Welcome to the weekend! As we prepare to dive into holiday-shopping season, we’ve collected a few of our favorite digital marketing articles from the past week. If you missed them, check them out below! Why It’s So Hard for Brands to Get Noticed on Amazon With regard to Amazon, brands have a lot of questions.… Read More »

Improving your account security

Every year or so, it’s worthwhile doing an audit of your online security. The most important accounts to protect are your bank accounts and your email accounts. Here are some things to consider doing: – Choose strong passwords. Just as important: don’t re-use the same password across web services. Consider using a password manager like… Read More »

Open Access

When I was in grad school in the late 90s, not very much scholarly work was on the web. I had to walk over to the campus library to access scholarly papers, and sometimes make photocopies of the physical papers I wanted. Things have gotten better, but it’s still harder to do research than it… Read More »

Holiday Season Link-Building

For those of you who didn’t do their Christmas link-building this summer, here are a couple of link bait ideas to help you catch up with the competition. Share this:

Some thoughts on XOXO

The week before XOXO, a festival dedicated to independent artists and creators, I was in Juneau, Alaska for a cruise with my wife and my parents. I got off the ship with my Dad and we walked around town. We kept walking, past the touristy stores selling smoked salmon and tanzanite. We walked for a… Read More »