The Weekly Compete Pulse

Our favorite articles from this week focused on bringing you crucial information about your digital marketing strategy. If you missed them, take a look at these must-reads featuring resources, updates, and warnings that you absolutely need to know. Essential Twitter Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide Twitter has the ability to be a staple of your […]

The Automotive Brand and Clicks Connection

Image from: Ford Fusion / Shutterstock For some companies, a website is merely a mechanism to steer visitors toward a purchase. Others see additional value, including serving as an extension of the brand and even as a venue to build brand equity. Millward Brown Digital favors the latter. But which view is correct? Is the […]

4 Ways to Maximize Agency Relationships

Generating positive returns and getting things done should be motivation for brands and agencies. Ensuring this happens involves effort from both sides. Sometimes a little relationship maintenance is needed to take things to the next level. Share this: